Gang of robbers from Ajmer in Udaipur

Gang of robbers from Ajmer in Udaipur

Gang of robbers from Ajmer in Udaipur.

Gang of robbers from Ajmer in Udaipur

A gang of robbers from Ajmer comes to Udaipur and returns by train after completing the task.

In an incident of attempt to robbery in Adinath Colony in Hiranmagri Sector 14, 3 robbers entered a house when the family was not at home. They were trying to open the grill when the owner suddenly returned home. The robbers tried to escape by jumping over the boundary wall of the house. The neighbours followed these robbers 2 of which escaped. One of the robbers tried to save himself  by hiding under a car. He was caught by one of the neighbours.

When interrogated, the robber revealed that he is member of a gang from Ajmer. The gang boards the train from Ajmer and reaches Udaipur by 10:30 a.m. and performs a recce of the area. They rob houses the moment they get an opportunity and return to Ajmer the same day by train.

With the same plans this gang came to Udaipur on Sunday. A woman, too, is a part of their gang. The robbers reached Udaipur in the morning and performed a recce in Sector 14. They saw that Pankaj Sharma and his family were locking up their house and going somewhere at 11:30a.m.  They grabbed the opportunity of robbing this house when the family left in their car. Two of these men entered the premises of Pankaj Sharma’s house while the woman stayed outside to keep a watch. The culprits Mahendra Babri and his companion tried to break open the grill of the house with a tool they had brought with them.

While they were still making an attempt, Pankaj Sharma returned home. It was around 12:15 by then. The moment the car stopped outside the house, the female companion of these robbers shouted out to these men to run. Before Pankaj Sharma could understand the scene, both the robbers jumped over the boundary wall. Neighbour Vaibhav Trivedi ran after the robbers. One of the robbers took a different lane to escape while the other hid himself under the car. An onlooker pointed towards the robber under the car. Vaibhav pulled out the robber from this ‘hideout’. Goverdhan Vilas police reached and arrested Mahendra Babri.

The colony dwellers said that many thefts have occurred in the area where robbers broke open the house grill before committing theft. Regular police patrolling was demanded by the people since robberies have become very common.

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