Graph of drug addicts on the rise

Graph of drug addicts on the rise

Graph of drug addicts has gone high in Udaipur.

Graph of drug addicts on the rise

Drug addiction is on the rise in Udaipur. Labour class, rag pickers, criminals and sadly students are also falling prey to this hazardous addiction. They have no fear of police or administration. They know how to escape from the clutches of police.

Lanes, railway tracks, bushy areas, fields, lonely places and corners, old uninhabited ruins of buildings, unfrequented backyards of colleges…all these places have become the safe hide outs for drug addicts. It has been reported that police is actually unable to put an end to this. They know all the hideouts but before they can nab anyone the addicts are smart enough to run away from the place.

These drug addicts have become smart in escaping the law. They have become habitual of the styles of police and know how to get away. Their escape routes can make you wonder if they are well planned because the way these addicts slip through is like any Bollywood story.

Many of these addicts have become homeless as their families kicked them out. But that has had no effect on their addiction. They manage to find money and place both and are living life on their own terms. Reportedly college students have also fallen prey to drugs. They are supplied cigarettes and hukkas in hukka bars and are also in contact with drug mafias. It is surprising that with so much of information available, why is administration not able to nab the drug suppliers?

A lot of hide-out areas have been identified where these drug addicts go. Railway track and area behind bus stand at Udiapole, route between Dudhtalai and Kishanpole, hilly areas around the city, area of dense plantation near Gulab Bagh and even Mallatalai.

As per police records there are around 125 goons and 20 to 25 addicts each in Surajpole, Bhupalpura and Ambamata area. Each small packet of brown sugar costs around 500 rupees and there are 3 to 4 main suppliers of drugs. It has also been recorded that the goons are daily supplied with drugs worth 5 lakh rupees.

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