“Home Alone” is not a good idea for children

“Home Alone” is not a good idea for children

Never leave your kids alone at home.

“Home Alone” is not a good idea for children

Leaving children alone at home is not a good idea at all in any sense. Come what may, parents must make sure that little children are not left all by themselves at home. Parents must not feel comfortable that kids left alone at home will be too happy watching TV. Cases have been highlighted where children left at home alone have become prey to their own antics very specifically while watching or while imitating scenes from television serials.

A recent case of a little girl from Kolkata losing her life while imitating a suicide scene from a television serial is both hair raising and heart wrenching. Reportedly a seven year old imitated a suicide scene which she was watching in a television serial. Her mother left her alone at home as she needed to deposit money in a bank. On her return what she saw is enough to leave any parent in sorrow. The little girl was found hanging by a scarf. It has been said that the girl often imitated scenes from serials that she watched regularly.

Back in November 2017, a little girl set herself on fire after watching a scene in a television serial. There is similar news of a little child hanging himself and all these just because parents were not at home or too busy to keep an eye on what their children were watching.

Children are innocent, but television serials provoke them to try out different acts as they do not know what the result could be. For them, everything is merely an act similar to television serials but the results are disastrous and cannot be undone.

All parents are therefore requested that if at all there is an emergency, they must make proper and safe arrangements for their innocent kids. Television is not the solution for keeping a child busy especially when there is no adult around to keep a watch on them.

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