I am son of SP-threatens a youth

I am son of SP-threatens a youth

A youth tries to escape using his father's profile as SP.


I am son of SP-threatens a youth

What do you do when someone threatens you saying he is family member of a so and so high profile person? Any person would not want to fiddle with someone giving that kind of statement. 2 young girls faced a similar situation a few days back. Their scooty was hit by a car at Badi Lake and it fell. The two young girls confronted the car driver, a youth, who in turn spoke to them in a threatening tone. He said “Do you know who I am? I am son SP.”

The girls were at Badi Lake early morning for a photo shoot. Their scooty was at the parking zone. A youth hit their scooty while backing up his car and tried to rush away from the place without putting the scooty back in place. Upon confrontation, he blurted out his identity and rushed away from there. The girls noted the car’s number and reached SP office to report the incident. Since it was early morning, SP office was closed. Hence the girls went to the residence of SP.

When they narrated the whole incident to SP with the car number, they were shocked to learn that SP’s son was away in Pondicherry. A photograph of SP’s son was shown to the girls who denied his involvement in the incident.

Based on the car’s number, police caught hold of this youth and took him to the police station. Upon interrogation, he revealed that he was son SP of Chittorgarh.

Update: The above matter was sourced from media reports. However, on further investigation towards the identity.of the culprit, it was found that the alibi given by him was again misleading. The surname of the culprit being the same as that of the SP of Chittorgarh, was used by the accused to get away lightly. The son of SP Khamesra of Chittorgarh has been residing in Chennai for last few years and at the time of the incident, he was away in Chennai. This is the report from confirmed sources.

“We sincerely apologize to Prasanna Khamesra (SP Chittaurgarh) and his family, if this post caused him and his family members any inconvenience on our part.” – UdaipurTimes Team

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