Life-saving drugs-Not available or…?

Life-saving drugs-Not available or…?

Life saving drugs are not being given to patients by medicine counters inside MB hospital. For what reason??

Life-saving drugs-Not available or…?

Free medicine counters in MB hospital are not providing life-saving drugs to patients. Even after producing prescriptions from the doctors, medicine counters are refusing to give these life-saving drugs. It has been reported that there is plenty of stock available but medicines are not being given to patients.

Patients have to make rounds of the chemist shops outside the hospital premises and pay a good amount for these medicines. As per records of the drug stores in the hospital, stocks available for these necessary life-saving drugs are- Diltiorzem 30 (10 thousand in stock), Furosemide 40 (2.5 lakh in stock), and 6 lakh tablets of multi vitamins.

Patients have reported that they are denied that the medicines are not in stock which is contradictory to stock registers. The medicine counter helpers or assistants tell the patients that these life-saving drugs are not being supplied to the counters in hospital.

Ideally, prevailing online system must show the place where the medicine is available so that the patient does not return empty handed. But these people are lazy, negligent or are deliberately not making efforts if at all they are out of stock. Consequently, the patient is forced to buy these drugs from outside. It may be noted that these life-saving drugs are not easily affordable for a lot of people.

(media reports)

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