Man gets justice after 30 years

Man gets justice after 30 years

Man gets justice after 30 years.

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Man gets justice after 30 years

A man gets justice after 30 years. He was forced to confess a crime he did not commit. 2 police men and 3 others involved in this have been awarded 3 years of jail each.

A jeweller from Salumber was forcibly kept under arrest and forced to confess that he bought stolen silver from someone. It dates back to 29th May 1987 when appellant Mangi Lal filed a case against Salumber SI Vijendra Vyas, ASI Shankar Singh, Abhay Singh, Amar Singh, Kanhaiya Lal Soni, Heera Lal Pujari and one other man through Advocate Bhupendra Singh Solanki.

As per the case, the above mentioned people approached Mangi Lal and accused him of buying stolen silver. When Mangi Lal denied the accusation, they forcibly took him to Gamdapal police station. They tied Mangi Lal’s legs and Shankar Singh and Abhay Singh beat him up. These men kept on telling him to confess the crime of buying stolen silver. They injured him severely. Mangi Lal was also forced to run on sharp edged stones. The next day, they took him to a different place and there also, they hung him upside down. He was forced to sign blank documents this is how they created his fake confession.

Mangi Lal was released when he bought silver from the market and gave it to the police men. Thereafter Mangi Lal fell ill. After he recovered, he filed a case against these culprits in Udaipur court.

The court of ACJM-1 declared the culprits as guilty after deep investigations in the case. Since some of the accused died during the course of hearing, the decision was dropped back then. But now, the court of Dharm Raj Meena sentenced 2 policemen and 3 others in this case to 3 years of prison each on Thursday. There were almost 9 accused in this case out of which 5 survivors have now been punished by court.

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