Missing army man kidnapped-Suspects father

Missing army man kidnapped-Suspects father

Kidnapped or murdered?? No clue of this missing army man.

Missing army man kidnapped-Suspects father

It has been almost 2 months since the soldier from Eklingarh Cantonment went missing. There has been no trace of this missing army man till now. Search operations were carried out for long, but in vain.

Army man Vikram Singh Shekhawat went missing on 29th October from Sector 14 when he was out to buy vegetables. His mobile was switched off after some time and his ATM card wasn’t used after a particular time. CCTV footage was checked, every place was hunted, every suspicion was taken care of then but neither police nor army could get any clue about him.

Vikram Singh’s father recently came up with a suspicion that his son might have been kidnapped by someone or probably murdered. As per father who is a retired army man himself, his son may have been kidnapped by someone for extracting secret information. He also said that there is a possibility that his son is being tortured somewhere for he was appointed in secret areas of Siachen glacier. He accused the police for not paying heed to his suspicions and for not acting accordingly.

The disappearance of Vikram Singh has become a mystery for all. He was last seen in Sector 14 after he went for medical aid in a hospital. No one has any clue as to where he disappeared between those two points where he was spotted in CCTV footage.

When Vikram left army cantonment, he was drunk. He also had an argument with someone regarding a bike. He slipped away from the site of argument when Goverdhan Vilas police reached the spot. There are all the chances that something extremely bad has happened with him since even his body has not been found if at all he has been murdered.

The case needs to be investigated from every angle taking even the smallest suspicion into consideration.

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