Molestation case not registered by police

Molestation case not registered by police

Ambamata police did not register a woman's complaint of molestation.

Molestation case not registered by police

A case of molestation has not been registered by police. A woman filed a complaint with IG Police to investigate the matter since her case was not registered by Ambamata police station.

A woman filed a complaint with IG Police that despite her requests, Ambamata police have not registered her complaint of molestation. She had gone to file a complaint in Ambamata police station on 31st August, but the police did not take any action. They did not even file FIR against the accused. The woman informed IG Police that Ambamata police let go off the culprit saying it was simply a matter of breach of peace.

The investigating officer in this case ASI Sultan Singh said that it was a matter of love affair between the complainant and the accused. FIR will be filed only after investigating the case. The complainant who is a resident of Mullah Talai informed that she was living at her parents’ place since a long time as she was not on good terms with her in-laws. Thavar Chand(accused in this case) s/o Mani Lal was a regular visitor at her parents’ house. Thavar Chand promised matrimony to her and established physical relations which continued for a long time. After some time when the lady asked him to marry her, Thavar Chand refused.

Thavar Chand has been accused of cheating this woman. The case is not being registered by police and they are simply delaying FIR. The accused has not been arrested even after filing a complaint with IG Police.


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