Negligence in sonography reports

Negligence in sonography reports

Contradictory sonography reports given by MB Hospital.

Negligence in sonography reports

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In a shocking case of negligence, MB Hospital has been accused of giving contradictory reports to a pregnant lady. As per reports, a pregnant woman was given contradictory reports within a period of 23 days.

It is shocking and disturbing for a pregnant woman to know that the first sonography result of pregnancy stated that she was 36 days pregnant. When she went for a check-up 23 days later she was told that she was 41 days pregnant. This certainly sounded weird and shocking both since after a period of 23 days, the report should have mentioned her as 59 days pregnant.

The scene was brought to notice by Councillor Nazma of ward 44 who said that her daughter-in-law was visiting MB Hospital for pregnancy tests. On 15th February, the report stated that Salma was pregnant for 23 days but the second sonography report on 10th March stated her as pregnant for 41 days. Later on 12th March a sonography done in a private hospital stated that she was pregnant for 66 days.

This issue cannot be taken as a misprint on report. MB Hospital’s Radiologist department head is investigating this issue. It does sound confusing and troublesome when the same hospital gives different reports to a woman about her pregnancy duration within a certain gap. Further action can be taken after the investigation report arrives.

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