Pathetic Udaipur roads!! Is that development?

Pathetic Udaipur roads!! Is that development?

Udaipur is witnessing dug up roads every now and then. What kind of development is this?

Pathetic Udaipur roads!! Is that development?

In the name of development, Udaipur roads have become troublesome. The condition of roads is dangerous enough for both health and life. And to top it all, crores of rupees are being wasted every now and then which is referred to as “unavoidable procedure for development”.

Whether it is about spreading out cables for internet or for CCTV purpose or sewerage line work…every time roads in the city are dug up creating trouble for the masses. Lanes get blocked and traffic comes to a standstill. One month we see the roads done up beautifully and the very next month all the development goes waste.

There seems to be no coordination between government departments and to top it all the contractors responsible for this road work are corrupt enough to prolong construction work. These contractors do not even use the right material for roads. Come monsoons and potholes can be seen everywhere.

Once again this month, roads have been dug up for 4G lines and CCTV cables. These roads were repaired during the festival of Diwali which means almost 25 crore rupees have gone waste. As per engineers, around 40 lakh rupees are spent on road construction per kilometre. It has been pointed out that almost a 100 kilometre of roads in the city will be dug up for cables and sewerage pipe lines.

With Udaipur’s position as an important tourist city, administration needs to plan things properly. If this pathetic condition of roads continues for long and becomes an ongoing process, what impact will it have on tourists? Not to forget, general public is facing hazardous situations daily. With such torn apart roads, accidents are a common sight. To add to this, pollution caused by construction of roads throughout the year is causing a bad impact on health.

It is not possible for people to keep the doors and windows of their houses closed all the time. Dust travels through the kitchen windows polluting food. This dust is too bad for health. People have reported breathing problems due to constant road construction work in colonies.

Traffic jams are very common during tourist season in Lake City. Even diverted traffic faces problems since roads are blocked due to deep holes or naalas left open in the middle of road. It is really surprising that administration comes up with some or the other excuse every time this issue is raised. It is the need of hour to have 4G lines, CCTV lines and proper sewerage lines. But then it is more important to plan these things well in advance before carrying out such procedures which cause more of disturbance than development.

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