Private school bus drivers operating without police verification

Private school bus drivers operating without police verification

School bus drivers and conduction need police verification as a safety rule.

Private school bus drivers operating without police verification

Private school bus drivers are operating without police verification. Even the bus conductors have been appointed without police verification.

After the heart wrenching news of murder of an innocent child Pradhyuman in Ryan School Gurugram, school records are being checked for the bus drivers and conductors. It has come forward that most of the private school bus drivers have not been verified by police. It is the responsibility of the schools to get a verification done before allowing anyone as driver or conductor to enter school premises.

When schools were checked for this, it was discovered that drivers and conductors even enter the interior part of the school premises without any check. When these schools were asked to produce a list of police verifications, they simply refused. Some of the schools admitted that taking a lesson from the Gurugram incident, they would get police verification done at the earliest.

When questioned about the security of a child, the school admin said that the drivers and conductors have been instructed not to touch the children unnecessarily. They said that maids have been appointed for the buses who make sure that the children reach home safely. One of the schools also said that they use breath analyser to keep a check on the bus drivers and conductors and make sure that none of them is drunk. Following schools were checked:

Rockwood School, Chitrakoot nagar– Out of the 26 bus drivers and conductors, 4 have not undergone police verification. School admin said that verification will be done very soon.

Witty International School – The school has 18 buses with a driver and conductor each. 70 percent police verification has been done; the rest is being carried out now. Principal Shubha Govil said that verification needs to be done as per the relevant police station which takes time.

Central Academy, Sardarpura – When Principal Priya Bose was asked about police verification, she said that the school has bus drivers from the same family since ages. Being connected to the school since the day of commencement of school, their behaviour is well known and the school declared them as trustworthy. The school has 6 buses with a driver and conductor each. Police verification was done for them 5 years back.

DPS School, Chitrakoot nagar– The school has undergone police verification for all the drivers and conductors. The verification file also exists. They even use breath analyser to check if any driver or conductor has consumed alcohol.

Ryan International School – As per Principal Poonam Rathore, drivers and conductors are appointed on contract basis which has a provision of police verification. The school admin also does formal checks for the same. Some of the verifications have been sent for renewal.

It was also noted that there is no separate toilet facility for bus staff in some schools.  Separate toilets for girls and boys are guarded by maids. The school has CCTV cameras to keep an eye on all activities.


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