Rash drivers in colonies

Rash drivers in colonies

Safe driving is certainly the most required lesson anyone needs to learn but very few follow. Going ahe


Rash drivers in colonies

Safe driving is certainly the most required lesson anyone needs to learn but very few follow. Going ahead with the lessons stated in an article, I just thought of putting in a few points that most of us face daily but feel helpless about them.

It is all about those rash drivers, mostly youngsters, who drive the gifted/borrowed vehicles in haphazard manner trying to display their courage on wheels. Seems these youngsters are born without ears and brain as they do not want to understand the repercussions of speed drives in colonies where there are people walking, children playing and even constructions going on in some places. I have, very often, requested people to drive slowly with all the above things in mind through my facebook posts and through group messages, but every time I found youngsters laughing at me for being scared and for not understanding the fun of speed drives.

Youngsters keep honking horns that can damage eardrums and even cause trouble to the heart patients. The speed at which they drive is extremely dangerous as I have seen a lot of people losing balance at turns(very few have been able to control their vehicles) where the road is full of gravel and sand due to construction work going on.

Mostly kids play on the colony roads during afternoon as they are aware that no more school buses, auto rickshaws and even school vans would come that way. Kids become used to the timings of people returning home from work, hence they choose a traffic free time for their outdoor games. The trouble is caused by these youngsters on bikes and other two-wheelers who like to drive past these kids showing off their driving talents which are very very dangerous as there are all the chances that being busy in their game the kids might not notice the biker’s speed and get badly hurt. These rash bikers do not even wear helmets; obviously they want people to see them clearly while they display their stunts, hence making them feel proud driving with an air of superiority.

There are elderly people in the colony who go for evening walks, walking slowly, who get disturbed and even scared after hearing the constantly harsh sounding horns and are hardly able to take a safe corner of the road when these bikers pass by. It seems that these youngsters have never had a lesson in manners and safety.

Some parents are not even worried; instead feel proud to announce the activities of ‘young blood’. What to expect from their kids now? Though a number of times we have tried to keep a check on these rash drivers, yet our efforts have failed. These people are constantly moving around with their two-wheelers mostly and some in cars not willing to understand the danger they create for others…forget about their own.

What to do?

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