Receding water level will affect Udaipur tourism

Receding water level will affect Udaipur tourism

Udaipur needs good rains this year else tourism will suffer.

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Receding water level will affect Udaipur tourism

Lack of monsoon in 2018 is creating a drastic effect on the life of Udaipur city. Water level has already receded to a great extent and this will certainly affect the day to day life. Water scarcity is one big issue as the receding level will also affect Udaipur tourism.

Tourism will be affected as boating in the lakes will have to stop till the lakes are full to a satisfactory level. Safety of boat operations is a major concern as the lakes have rocks which will prove to be disastrous for boats. With an extreme low level of water in the lakes, boating will not be carried out after a particular time and this will be disappointing for Udaipur tourism since boating is one of the main attractions of the Lake City.

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The level of Fatehsagar Lake has gone down to (-)4 ½ feet which is quite an alarming situation. Life in the city is suffering due to shortage of water. With the approaching months, if the monsoon does not favour Udaipur, the city will suffer a lot.

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