Roads, potholes and slime-Hiranmagri is in pathetic state

Roads, potholes and slime-Hiranmagri is in pathetic state

Roads roads where are you?

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Roads, potholes and slime-Hiranmagri is in pathetic state

Roads in Hiranmagri are in an extremely pathetic state. In fact the entire city is facing the worst possible condition of roads. Every now and then, accidents are taking place as the roads are worn and torn due to improper construction material, the wear and tear after cable line is also not taken care of pot holes are causing much more issues resulting in accidents, stuck vehicles and slime. The pot holes are not visible during night time and people even fall into them facing injuries like broken bones.

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Entire city is facing such issues and all is to be blamed on road work, sewerage line work, cable lines and so on. Probably the road contractors do not walk on roads, they fly and do not know what injury means. For them, the roads a means for minting money as their contracts probably are an unending process.

One of the roads in Sector 13 Hiranmagri is lying undone since years. Word rolled out that a stay was levied on this road which is bang opposite Audi showroom on Goverdhan Vilas road. This road is a connecting road between 3 areas yet unusable as it is to bumpy, becomes full of slime during monsoons, is an adda for alcohol consumers since there a lot of bushes where labour class and others come and consume liquor and throw bottles and create nuisance.

When will the roads in Udaipur be called comfortable? The roads are dug up barely a month after they are smoothened. Construction material gets washed away in one good rainfall. Potholes are a very common factor.

Will the use of helmets stop accidental injury on such poor roads? Will seat belt be enough to stop back injuries on bumpy roads?  जनता इन सवालों के जवाब मांग रही है !!

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