Safety measures missing in hotels and restaurants

Safety measures missing in hotels and restaurants

Not all hotels and restaurants in Udaipur are equipped with fire-safety measures.

Safety measures missing in hotels and restaurants

Following the heart wrenching fire incident in Mumbai, a research was done regarding safety measures in Udaipur’s hotels and restaurants. It was a shocking discovery that most of the hotels and restaurants are not well equipped with fire safety measures in Udaipur city.

It is well known that Udaipur hotels and restaurants are packed during tourist season. During festivals, winter vacations, rainy season rooms are not available without advance booking. Even restaurants in the tourist spots of Udaipur are packed with tourists. It was really shocking that restaurants and hotels do not have safety measures to fight fire emergencies. It may be noted that there are too many hotels and restaurants in the inner wall city where fire brigade cannot reach.

Equipments were seen at some places which were found to be of no use since they were outdated. It was also brought to notice that NOC for fire is provided by Municipal Corporation but the records did not match on physical verification. Leaving aside the five star category hotels and some others, no other hotel and restaurant has applied for NOC. In case of a mishap, the conditions in these places are sure to be disastrous.

Source: patrikanews

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