Sandalwood tree stolen from Gulab Bagh

Sandalwood tree stolen from Gulab Bagh

Sandalwood tree was stolen from Gulab Bagh.

Sandalwood tree stolen from Gulab Bagh

Sandalwood thieves are over active in town. This time a tree has been stolen from Gulab Bagh.

Thieves stole yet another sandalwood tree from the city’s garden of roses Gulab Bagh. The surprising fact is that the theft was committed 15 days earlier prior to registering report. Instead of the park superintendent, it was the security guard who reported this matter to the police.

It may be noted that most of the sandalwood trees have been stolen from premises of government offices. Most of the theft cases are lying unsolved.

On 6th September a sandalwood tree was stolen from Gulab Bagh. The theft was reported on 20th September. Security guard Nahar Singh was sent to the police station to report the theft. The park has a superintendent and his office is also in premises of Gulab Bagh. Neither did the superintendent or any other person from his office go to report the theft. Instead they sent the guard for this purpose and that too 15 days later.

Police is now investigating the matter since it is a suspicious case as the report was registered 15 days late. Even the guard has not been able to give an explanation regarding the delay in reporting the theft.


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