Stray dogs troubling everyone-Fear persists

Stray dogs troubling everyone-Fear persists

Stray dogs are causing enough fear in the city.

Stray dogs troubling everyone-Fear persists

Stray dogs are a common feature everywhere. Even Municipal Corporation has failed to find a solution to this problem.

Animals like cows and bulls on Udaipur city roads have been a regular trouble for everyone. While these animals have owners who leave them on the road and push them back in the sheds only in the evening, stray dogs are also adding to trouble…of course they have no owners.

The growing stray dogs on city roads have caused enough trouble for commoners and created more of fear for tourists. The common public knows that they might be attacked by stray dogs, hence they make it a point of not moving out especially at night. But the tourists who are unaware of this ferocious attack do move out for a stroll and are attacked by these dogs.

In the past few days, there have been many cases of dogs attacking people in areas like Gulab Bagh where public goes for relaxation and for walks. Many people have been victims of dog bites. Despite regular complaints and requests made to Municipal Corporation, the right measures have still not been taken. Municipal Corporation has also failed to catch these stray dogs.

There have been numerous reports of dog bites in other areas of the city as well. Public also tends to feed these dogs with leftover food, bread and even bones. As a result dogs keep collecting in the colonies. Children are at utmost danger from these stray animals.

Strict measures are a must in the city which is one of the favourite tourist spot on the world tourist map. Many tourists have suffered dog bites resulting in negative marking for the tourist city. In the last few days, dog bite numbers have crossed 50.

An alert does not make a difference as removal of these stray animals is the only answer.

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