Toughened glass of Mewar Darshan gallery broken

Toughened glass of Mewar Darshan gallery broken

One of the recently fixed glass on the Mewar Darshan Gallery was broken by unknown sources.

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Toughened glass of Mewar Darshan gallery broken

Toughened glass of Mewar Darshan Gallery alongside Fatehsagar lake was broken by unknown sources just 2 days after installation. Glasses were recently fixed to keep the paintings safe.

Out of the 24 toughened glasses fixed over the paintings to keep them safe in all types of weather, one was broken by sources unknown. Approximate worth of toughened glasses used to protect the paintings is around 13 lakh rupees. The glass that was broken was around 40000 rupees. The broken pieces of toughened glass lay scattered on the road.  Since there are no CCTV cameras on this side of the lake and no guard on duty either, no information can be obtained as to how the glass broke. No case has yet been registered in the police station since Monday everyone was busy enjoying the festival of Raksha bandhan.

One painting without glass will create a negative impact on the gallery’s beauty. Paras Singhvi commented that prior arrangements for security of gallery should have been made but now this will be done with immediate effect. CCTV cameras will also be installed. Before this, security guards will be appointed for this area.

Toughened glasses were fixed on Saturday evening and Monday one of them got broken. Investigations will be carried out to find out if the glass broke due to some unavoidable circumstances or if it has been broken by someone purposely. Fixing glasses on the paintings were making the paintings even more attractive. Tourists were stopping by to look at the gallery with interest.

Mayor Chandra Singh Kothari reached Fatehsagar and enquired about the reasons behind the broken glass. He said that investigations will be done to find out if the glass itself was defective or it has been broken by external sources. The investigation will also be based on the direction in which the glass fell to pieces.

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