Toy train in Gulab Bagh catches fire

Toy train in Gulab Bagh catches fire

Toy train in Gulab Bagh caught fire on Wednesday.

Toy train in Gulab Bagh catches fire Toy train in Gulab Bagh catches fire

Gulab Bagh is well known for its beauty and very specifically for the zoo that children love to visit in toy train. This toy train caught fire on Wednesday while it was being repaired.

Due to some technical fault in toy train in Gulab Bagh, it was being repaired on Wednesday when it suddenly caught fire. It was great relief that there was no one in the train else it would have been a disastrous situation. The fire was so massive that the mechanics doing the repair work had to run for their lives. Water was used to douse the fire but smoke continued for long. Tourists were awaiting their turn to enjoy the train ride and were close to the station. Even they had to run away from the spot for safety.

It may be noted that the toy train has had many accidents in the past but administration is not paying attention towards this. The only safe point is that there have been no casualties until now else it would have defamed Udaipur on the tourist map.

Some time back, the train even overturned on the track which was in a very pathetic condition. Every time something happens with toy train, it is blamed on miscreants. This point should be well noted by administration that Gulab Bagh is one of the famous spots of Udaipur and tourists with children love to give a good break to their kids. If this condition goes on, tourist numbers heading to Gulab Bagh might see a downfall which will have a negative impact not only on its popularity but also on its maintenance.

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