Traffic lights out of order in Udaipur city

Traffic lights out of order in Udaipur city

Traffic lights need to be well set for maintaining smooth traffic in the city.

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Traffic lights out of order in Udaipur city

Is Udaipur really a smart city? Crores of rupees are being spent on development works, but administration is not bothered about traffic lights. It is really disheartening that traffic in this tourist city suffers almost all the time and this time the issue is that of traffic lights which are out of order.

It has been reported that 19 chorahas(circles) of Udaipur face issues of traffic jams just because of traffic lights which are not in working condition. There are 41 chorahas in the city out of which 19 have 4-pole, 6-pole, blinkers and solar blinker lights. This is really disgusting that lights at these 19 chorahas are not functioning well enough for regualrising traffic. Since timings are not well set for these lights at some places, traffic jams are a common scene. Traffic police department has reportedly informed PWD in black and white, yet no corrective measures have been taken.

As per traffic police, in case of traffic pressure the light controller sets timing for traffic lights in specific areas which helps in maintaining traffic. There is too much of traffic on road from Delhi Gate to Collectorate and less traffic comes from Bapu Bazar side. In this case if timing for green light is increased for vehicles coming from Collectorate side and reduced from Bapu Bazar side, then controlling the traffic would be a lot easier and situations of traffic jams would not arise.

Areas like Delhi Gate, Kumharon ka Bhatta, Surajpole, Udiapole, Court Circle, Durga Nursery road and Fatehpura face situations of traffic jam almost the entire day. These areas suffer the most between 10 a.m. and 12 noon and then between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Different explanations are being given for situations of traffic jams. But the main point is that this needs to be sorted out at the earliest. If administration keeps sleeping over this issue, then we might see hours of traffic jams in times to come.

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