Udaipur forests at risk from fire and cattle

Udaipur forests at risk from fire and cattle

Protect forests. Maintain ecological balance.

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Udaipur forests at risk from fire and cattle

With the forests going thin, certain researches have revealed aspects behind the same. It has been informed by officers of forest department that every year forests become victims of illegal deforestation, cattle grazing and even fire. Forest department says that action is taken but lack of resources always results in situations going out of control. This feedback was given to Management Effective Evaluation Team of Central Government while they were trying to find the reasons behind forests losing their entity.

As reported by officers of the department, 8912 cases of illegal deforestation have come to light in the past 4 years in Mewar region. Cattle grazing are a risk for plants. Also fire has destroyed forests to a great level. There are around 30 to 40 cases of forest-fire each year. This is the most uncontrollable situation since fire grows and it becomes difficult to manage things even for the fire brigade as vehicles cannot make their way on to the hills. The fire brigade department has few numbers of bikes and they cannot be on a watch out beyond limit. Forest department has also gone to the extent of putting off fire by means of brooms made from leaves and twigs.

Animal human conflict graph has also seen a raise. Wild life doesn’t get enough food and water since thinning forests are responsible for less availability of food and water which forces the animal to head to the city areas. This has resulted in loss of human life as well as animal life.

With all these factors responsible towards loss of forests, something solid needs to be done. All factors must be carefully studied since natural resources are an essential part. Ecological balance must be maintained and for this purpose forests need to be developed and protected.

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