Vehicle or no vehicle-Pay parking fees

Vehicle or no vehicle-Pay parking fees

Students raised an issue regarding parking fees in Arts college.

Vehicle or no vehicle-Pay parking fees

Whether you bring your vehicle to college or not, pay parking fees. This is an issue raised by students who go to Arts College for examinations but do not take their private vehicles along.

Arts College (MLSU) is charging parking fees from non-collegiate students as well. No rules and regulations are being followed in this direction. Whether a student brings his vehicle or not, he is  charged 55 rupees as parking fees. Obviously, non-vehicle students are in a fix. This is not so in the case of Science College or Commerce College or even Law College. It is only Arts College charging such irrelevant fees.

Around 2 thousand regular students and 3 thousand non-collegiate students go to Arts College for examinations. Parking fees is taken from regular students during the time of admission. Non-collegiate students are charged when they go to submit the examination forms. As this rate, around 5000 students appear for examinations where only 1000 students have their vehicles. The most surprising fact is that the college doesn’t have enough parking space to accommodate even 500 vehicles. College administration is actually getting 2 lakh rupees for nothing.

When questioned on this matter, Dean Sadhna Kothari reportedly clarified saying that it is almost impossible to know as to who has a vehicle and who doesn’t. This is the reason why parking fees is taken while examination forms are being submitted. She also mentioned that parking fee is being charged as per old rules which are computerised and not amended since long.

Some students bringing their vehicles to college are agitated that administration is charging 25 rupees more than what should be charged. They clarified that parking fee calculates to 30 rupees for 6 exams. The students suggested that parking fee should be taken from students at the time of parking and not in advance. They also said that if more than one person uses a single vehicle, then the administration is charging on head count which is not genuine.

With all these concerns Vice Chancellor JP Sharma said that the issue has been raised in the meeting. He has assured justice in this matter.

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