Water scarcity-No new water connections to be given

Water scarcity-No new water connections to be given

Drinking water is going to be a big issue until next monsoons.

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Water scarcity-No new water connections to be given

Following the water scarcity because of almost negligible rainfall this year, Water Resource Department has issued orders that no new water connections will be provided any longer. The city is facing water problems because the lakes are close enough to getting dry.

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Water department held a meeting regarding the growing water issue. It was decided that no connections will be provided until all sources of drinking water have enough water. A meeting was also held on 28th October regarding issues of water scarcity.

Directives have also been issued to take necessary steps to have more water sources. It was also decided to bring back the age old traditional systems of using water so that water doesn’t get wasted. Contractors will also not be provided with facilities required for checking new water pipe lines. It was clarified that no water will be given from the Mansi Vakal project to the contractors for testing new pipe lines.

The department also said that most of the sources which are providing drinking water now will not be in a position to provide water by July. All sources can provide water to a certain limit and water must be saved until the next monsoons.

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