Welcoming rain but disheartened by roads

Welcoming rain but disheartened by roads

Bad roads are a great risk in rainy season.

Welcoming rain but disheartened by roads

Rain showers have brought the much needed relief to masses all over. With good rain in the past 2 days, Udaipur faces can be seen full of delight. The season for fun and frolic has finally arrived.

Udaipur public is happily moving out on roads; roads which were seen deserted in the scorching heat just countable days back. Now with the monsoon blessing the city, local public and tourists are moving happily around enjoying the weather. With no more desire to wipe sweat off the face, no more demand of being within the limits of AC chambers, public is thrilled to be on the roads, alongside lakes and other beautiful landscapes in the city. In this season, tea and pakodas are in full demand.

But the most disheartening fact of the season is the pathetic conditions of roads. Just yesterday we read about a bus being stuck on the dug-up road. Many vehicles have fallen prey to pot holes and torn apart roads. To add to this, rain water is filling up all the pot holes making them invisible and inviting danger. Every area has some or the other road work going on which is left incomplete due to negligence of contractors. On one hand people are out to enjoy the weather, there on the other hand they face the dangers of bad roads.

Administration must become extremely vigilant in this season as bad roads covered with water are a stake on life. People who move out regularly for morning walks are scared by the fact that the pot holes on the roads may break somebody’s bones. The old and elderly need to be extremely careful as it is not possible to make out the presence of pot holes on road and a slight imbalance of body can bring painful days with a long span.

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