Wilful attitude of banks-Not making Aadhar Cards

Wilful attitude of banks-Not making Aadhar Cards

Where should the public go for making Aadhar Cards?

Wilful attitude of banks-Not making Aadhar Cards

Every citizen needs to have Aadhar cards for which certain centres have been authorised by government. The trouble is that most of the banks are not making Aadhar Cards and public is merely moving from one bank to the other to get their work done but in vain.

As informed by a lady, she went to a private bank at Durga Nursery road but found a note pasted which read “Due to maintenance, Aadhar Card services are not available today”. When she enquired with the bank employees, she was told that the server was not working hence Aadhar Card cannot be processed. Similarly, a bank at Chetak Circle also gave the same excuse and she could not have the card request processed.

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Most of the banks have similar notices pasted which are disappointing for the public. On one hand they are giving the excuse of internet services being extremely slow, there on the other hand all banking services are conveniently being processed. Public has no other option but to go to post offices for having their cards made. Until 2 months back, Aadhar cards were being made in Shastri Circle post office, but after the joining of new post master the work has stopped. The alibi given was that of shortage of staff. When someone approached one of the post offices, he was informed that the particular post office was not authorised to make Aadhar cards.

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