Wilful attitude of parking mafia

Wilful attitude of parking mafia

Parking charges are at the wilful attitude of the contractors.

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Wilful attitude of parking mafia

The wilful attitude of parking mafia in the city knows no bounds. On one hand where parking at Udaipur airport  has brought much relief with respect to parking fee, there on the other hand parking fee is being taken almost everywhere within the city.

As per information received, the “parking mafia” is charging the public for vehicle parking at bus stand, Municipal Corporation parking, railway station, sabji mandis and premises of MB Hospital. It has been pointed out that public is made to pay on per hour basis in the parking at Town Hall. More so, the parking charges have been raised to 20 rupees for 4-wheelers and 10 rupees for 2-wheelers. The people taking these parking charges also indulge in arguments and fights with public when opposed. It has also been said that the administration is not even aware of the situation.

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The Mayor clarifying this situation said that 2 of the parking contractors have been black listed and have been penalised with 30,000 rupees each. The others will also be treated the same way. He also said that the parking charges will be taken as per pre-decided rules. 2 rupees will be charged for cycles, 5 rupees for 2-wheelers and 10 rupees for 4-wheelers per 3 hours.

The railway department clarified that the parking fee has been fixed by the railway board and the revenue generated by this is used for the development of the railway station. MB hospital administration said that the tender for this year’s parking has been finalised and relief will be provided to the people as per the case.

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