Wilful/illegal parking has narrowed down Udaipur city roads

Wilful/illegal parking has narrowed down Udaipur city roads

Parking is a major issue in Udaipur.

Wilful/illegal parking has narrowed down Udaipur city roads

Parking is a major issue in Udaipur city. Public parks the vehicles here and there and the city’s busiest areas can be seen full of vehicles making it difficult for a smooth traffic operation. Court Circle, Delhi Gate, Bank tirahas, the inner area of mandi are all packed with vehicles. People visit the market and restaurants and park their vehicles haphazardly. This illegal and wilful parking has made it too difficult for even the two-wheelers to drive past comfortably.

It may be noted that a certain restaurant at Delhi Gate is illegally using the road in front of the restaurant for visitor-parking. The 60 feet road can be seen packed with vehicles and the traffic coming from the inner side of the lanes is in for trouble as moving out from that area becomes difficult. The restaurant also has private security guard who guides the visitors into parking their vehicles right in front of the restaurant as if the land is part of the restaurant.

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Even tourist vehicles are parked in this space. Despite complaints and police action, the situation is still the same. As per reports, the security guards of the restaurant have the vehicles parked in front of the other shops as well. If by chance the shop owner opposes, these security guards do not hesitate to indulge in arguments.

Traffic jams are a common sight in these areas as public uses lanes to move out of the market area but the lane ends are blocked with illegally parked vehicles. It has also been seen that the traffic police are not able to control this haphazard parking of vehicles and they try to remove the street vendors who have been there for years.

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