Will Udaipur theatres be screening “Padmavat”?

Will Udaipur theatres be screening “Padmavat”?

Whether to screen "Padmavat" or not will be based on orders received from Mumbai.

Will Udaipur theatres be screening “Padmavat”?

“Padmavat”, green signalled by government, is still a matter of confusion for theatre operators. Whether to screen the film or not will be based on orders received from Mumbai. The much controversial film “Padmavat” is to be released on 25th January based on Supreme Court’s orders. But theatre operators in Lake City are waiting for orders from Mumbai on the screening issue of this movie… a movie that they had decided to stay from until now.

Agitations and of course fiddling with facts are the main reason behind “Padmavat’s” opposition. It does not matter if it is renamed since masses are annoyed enough with the way the film has been made tarnishing the image of women. On one hand the theatre management is awaiting Mumbai’s orders since Supreme Court stayed the ban imposed by 4 states, there on the other hand Bajrang Dal has put a strong foot that they will not allow the movie to be shown at all.

Most of the people are against Bhansali who fiddled with historical facts. Bhansali should not have created a mockery out of history. People have gone ahead saying that they will not tolerate this movie at all and will display their strong protests if it is released. Changing the name does not mean anything anymore.

Police officials have said that they will have to be extremely alert to maintain and order if the film is released. Administration is trying to be extra cautious so that law and order is not disturbed.

Theatre operators have not yet received any instructions whether to release or not to release the film. They are not in a position to comment since it is not their personal decision. They will act as per orders from Mumbai. It has also been reported that earlier when the release date was being discussed, agitated crowd had gathered round the malls in protest of “Padmavati(Padmavat)”. Some have even said that they will act as per the orders from State Government.

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