A valuable lesson for your child- Charity

A valuable lesson for your child- Charity

Charitable giving is the act of giving our time, goods or money to the unfortunate as a noble cause. It is also a religious duty which is called -alms giving.


A valuable lesson for your child- CharityWhat is Charity?

Charitable giving is the act of giving our time, goods or money to the unfortunate as a noble cause. It is also a religious duty which is called -alms giving. This act of giving spreads joy, love and peace in the human society, at the same time as helping the unfortunate to survive without difficulty.

Thus, we should offer charity frequently and also teach our children the importance of it once they are grown enough to understand other’s feelings. Teaching kids how to share their kismet with others may be the most important wealth lesson of all.

Why to teach our children about Charity?

All kids are inborn with wisdom of charity and kindness, but as they start growing up, their demands keep growing as well. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to teach them how to save money and spend it in an appropriate way, above all, how to spend in a good cause that can benefit others in the community. Charity will help your child to be a better person in future too.

Charity can be done as a family activity. It is important for the child to see how their parents are donating with love and pleasure. By giving the value of charity a central role in the family on the go, you can encourage your child to grow up with a healthy sense of sympathy and a strong charitable spirit.

Some ways of doing charity with your children

-Toy donation: Ask your child to make their wish list of toys to donate other children. Although it will be hard for them to take accept concept, but they will be satisfied once they do the charity and see that kids out there don’t have anyone to gift them or how happy do the unfortunate kids become after receiving toys from them.

Blood Banks: Take your children to hospital with you, show them how you donate blood and how it will help to save someone’s life.

Set a Charity box- Apart from a piggy bank; give them a charity box where they can save money for the unfortunate. Open the box after 3-4 months and ask them to give the beggars with their own hands or raise a fund for the non-profit organizations.

-Orphanage: Go to an orphanage with your child and show them how they live in complexity. Ask your child to give them clothes, school supplies and food by their own, just to see how the orphan gets happy with a huge smile on his/her face. Tell them not to complain for anything lavish they don’t get, because some children have nothing at all.

Food banks: Food bank in non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty to purchase food. Go shopping with your child and buy useful groceries like, grains, wheat, rice or bread and donate them to a food bank. Explain how they will fill others stomachs and bring less famine in the society.

Visit Animal shelters: Children obviously admire animals. Teach them how to serve the homeless animals with compassion and time. Provide funds to the shelters.

-Hospitals: There are many unfortunates who are financially disadvantaged of getting their treatment done, including the cost of medicines and tests. Therefore, hospitals too need funds to get the treatments done without taking any charge with providing medicines as well. Teach your children to take care of the sick and how they can help them with saving money by their own.

-Religious institutes: There are several religious organizations that involve themselves in good deeds, if you don’t know where to give the right charity. Then, talk to your religious institute and do the alms giving.

-Homelessness: Ask your child to be kind to them and give relational care. Whenever you are with your child and you find a homeless, buy them food and help them with some money. Even look for a shelter for them if likely. This will teach your child to be nice to others who are inferior to him.

When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret, this will be righteous deed!

Smiling is even of a form of charity- So keep smiling!

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