Jubilant Janmashthmi celebrations at Seedling school, Udaipur

Jubilant Janmashthmi celebrations at Seedling school, Udaipur

Online competitions and other activities were organised by Seedling Modern Public School together with Seedling The World School on the occasion of Janmashthmi
Jubilant Janmashthmi celebrations at Seedling school, Udaipur

Seedling Modern Public School together with Seedling The World School, celebrated the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna with great jubiliation. A plethora of activities were organized in which students of Grade 1, 2 & 3 as well as their parents participated with great zest and enthusiasm.

Some say,  ”Little children are the image of God”.  To celebrate this auspicious birthday of “Bal Krishna”, an online competition for the students of grade 1 was  organized.

Tiny tots of Grade 1 attired themselves as natkhat Kanhas / sweet Radhas  with their maiyaas as Yashoda. Like Krishna had been a charmer since childhood and known to win the hearts of everyone he met, similarly the contenders as cute 'Kanhas' with adorable Radhas and beautiful Maiyaas mesmerized every viewer with their Cathy looks, lovely makeup and adorable performances.

WINNER - Seedling Modern Public School
Grade 1: Paarush Kriplani | Mother's name: Priya Kriplani | Class: 1-B

Grade 2: Advit Porwal | Mother's name: Dr Prakriti Porwal | Class: 2-B

Grade 3: Divik Khess | Class: 3-C

WINNER - Seedling The World School
Grade 1: Khwab Sidhwani (As Krishna)

Grade 2: Arya Patel (As Radha)

Competition for Mothers as Yashoda
Grade 1: Mother's name: Dinky Sidhwani (Mother of Khwab Sidhwani)

Grade 2: Mother's name: Reena Nalwaya (Mother of Aarav Nalwaya)

To express one’s love towards the ”Indian God of love” a Tableau Competition (Jhanki) with minimum two live characters, was organized for students of Grade II. The mesmerizing Tableau depicted about the various stages of the  life of Lord Krishna. The contenders gave commendable performances while introducing the theme of their respective Tableau through a 1 minute video.

KANAH is incomplete without his crown and flute. To rejoice the birth of Lord Krishna another very existing KANAH WITH CROWN AND BANSURI COMPETITION was conducted for children of Grade III .The students made  a Flute & a crown  out of paper and other waste material and decorated it. The little ones  decked up as KANAHS,  wearing the crown, holding the bansuri took over many hearts. It was a neck to neck competition which was judged on the criteria of creativity, neatness and overall presentation.

Director of the school Hardeep Bakshi congratulated and requested everyone to learn  the values of love ,friendship and humanity from Lord Krishna's life and inculcate the same for a happy and fulfilled life.  On this occasion, the Principal of the school Keerti Maken congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts put up by the parents.

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