‘The Tricky Games,’ story written by 13 year old boy

‘The Tricky Games,’ story written by 13 year old boy

The sky was a sad shade of blue as Mr. Piff the billionaire lay on his deathbed made with all pearly white sheets. The people in the room to accompany him were Ted and Kim, the two nephews of Mr. Piff and Cindy, the only niece.


‘The Tricky Games,’ story written by 13 year old boy

The sky was a sad shade of blue as Mr. Piff the billionaire lay on his deathbed made with all pearly white sheets. The people in the room to accompany him were Ted and Kim, the two nephews of Mr. Piff and Cindy, the only niece. Their parents had died in a horrible car crash which changed the lives of the three siblings. They had to now live with their uncle because he was the only relative left who could take care of them.

“The money it’s (cough), it’s in the game…” was the final wish of Mr. Piff which came out in a raspy voice that made a smoker sound like an angel; so soft that everyone in the room had to lean in. Everyone was dumbfounded as the scent of all the roses on the bed became very strong with their sweetness. The deathbed was the last thing anyone in the room wanted to see. Nobody moved for a couple of minutes as a moment of silence for their dear dead Mr. Piff.

Now the real quest began as the hunt for money was on everyone’s mind. The twins were at it because of the love for their uncle while Cindy was just a greedy jerk who only wanted money. The twins started with their favorite game Clue. They pulled out the board game and nothing seemed off at first, until a thought struck Kim like lightning.

“Maybe the confidential folder,” and that was when the clues from Clue was revealed. In the folder was 1 piece; a king from chess with a word “Ted” on it.

“I know where to go. Follow me,” said Kim taking authority. The two brothers went off with Kim in the lead. On the other side of the manor Cindy was going absolutely nuts not knowing what to do, while the boys were one step closer to the money.

“What do I do… what do I do, I need to yell at someone first though,” thought Cindy. At that exact moment Mr. Westing, the humble servant walked right into Cindy’s sly, bright white grin.

“WHERE’S THE MONEY?” yelled Cindy at Mr. Westing’s surprised and baffled face.

“I don’t know, madam. Honestly, but I do think that you should start with the chess board out back it was Mr.Piff’s favorite place to be,” said Mr. Westing sadly thinking of all the memories they had overlooking the 2013 Dublin, Ireland skyline from the beautiful and lonely Piff manor alone on its hill. When the two contestants reached the board game only Kim knew why they were all there because of his very large brain, with his very high IQ.

“What are you little brats doing?”exclaimed Cindy.

“I get it now Ted needs to take on Cindy in a chess game. I got to hand it to you uncle Piff, you are one smart cookie,” said Kim completely ignoring Cindy.

“What! Are you crazy? I’m not going to play chess!” said Cindy infuriated.

“But then you won’t get the cash,” said Ted matter of factly.

“Oh yeah fine, then let’s play,” said Cindy determinedly.

They each took their places on either sides of the chess board and started the match. Ted went first because of him being white. Ted moves his pawn closest to his bishop up two spaces and that was when Cindy knew she had already won with the fool’s mate. Cindy then moves her queen all the way as far as it would go diagonally. Then Ted moved his pawn closest to his knight up two as well and lost the match because;

“Check and mate,” said Cindy’s bragging voice. At that moment a pedestal popped up out of the ground beside Kim and a piece of paper was on it.

“What, it’s a clue,” said Kim surprised.

“A clue? Give me that!” yelled Cindy extremely loud. “Think giant and I’m very SORRY,” Cindy read aloud. “What does that mean?” she asked perplexed.

“I got it! We’re playing Sorry, the house that’s the board and we are the pieces whoever wins gets the next clue.” said Kim very surprised at how well thought out this was.

“Alright smarty pants but how did you figure that out,” replied Cindy thoroughly confused.

“It was simple. I knew it was the game Sorry because of the capital letters on the word Sorry, and I knew he meant the building because I have the schematics of the house memorized and that was what I had first thought of when I had first seen the blueprints,” explained Kim.

“Okay then where do we start bro?” asked Ted his first words after his defeat happy that everyone was actually getting along.

“We have to go to the front and then see from there,” replied Kim. All three of them took off in the direction of the front door, passed the heart shaped garden of red roses always so sweet and putting a loving sense of spirit all around the group. When they reached the front door made from France hand crafted costing alone a couple thousand dollars there were three phones lying concealed in the bushes, until Ted ruined the secret by falling on top of them. Each of them had one of the three kids names on it and on the phones there were instructions for where each of the three kids had to go for the start of a game “Sorry”.

Ted went to the rose garden, Kim went to the parking garage where all of their 20 cars were, and last Cindy stayed at the front door. When they each got to their respective spots the game automatically started as if knowing where they were and that everyone was ready. Cindy was the first person to pick a virtual card on the phone and automatically got to move out of the start area, the front door, right away.

“She’s really lucky,” thought Kim and Ted. Then Kim went next and he got out of start as well from the parking garage, but when Ted went he got a sorry card which allowed him to take the spot of any character on the field. Ted knew this but immediately forgot about it because he was very lazy and didn’t feel like walking so far away around the entire property only to win a stupid game.

Kim and Cindy on the other hand wanted to win so badly that they both tried to cheat, and when that happened as if knowing what the two were moving ahead the phone started an alarm and as soon the two players stepped back onto their places the alarm stopped leaving an awkward silence in the air. After the alarm went off a couple times Cindy and Kim followed the rules for the rest of  the game which ended pretty quickly because of Cindy getting the highest card possible every time. This also happened because no one could catch her to send her back to the start, because of Ted getting 1s all the time and Kim not even getting numbers but different cards such as traps.

If someone were watching the game all they would have seen was Cindy running like she was getting fit, Kim just standing and using his phone, and Ted taking small steps and stopping at each one. On the next turn of Cindy’s she reached her home or in other words, she won the game. Kim was heartbroken at the thought of not seeing his uncle’s money, Ted didn’t know what was going on and Cindy was gloating and already reading resting place of the money.

“Find Monopoly and there will be two one is poor and the other is rich,” Cindy whispered to herself so that no one else could hear what she was saying. When Kim and Ted came over to see the clue, Cindy ripped it up and said “Ha no money for you!”

She then ran into the house straight to the monopoly games. Ted and Kim came walking in slowly to the ballroom when Mr. Westing walked in.

“Mr. Westing do you know where Cindy went?” asked Kim sadly.

“Why yes I believe she went to play monopoly, but I don’t know why? She never plays Monopoly,”

“Oh why didn’t I think of it before? Of course, the money is in the Monopoly game it makes the most logical sense!” shouted Kim enthusiastically.

“Huh what do you mean Mono- whatever?” Asked Ted, completely clueless.

“It’s Monopoly like the board game, anyways just follow me again,” said Kim running off to see where this adventure was going to end.

Cindy found the two Monopoly boxes in the game room, which was overflowing with every kind of game imaginable. What Cindy saw was heartwarming, she saw cash and more cash. She saw one box filled to the brim with what looked like real money, with every bill being a Benjamin. While the other box was filled to the brim with what looked like monopoly money, all of the bills being 500 dollar bills, that is in monopoly. Cindy thought to herself that she would keep the real looking money and trash the other game. The moment she picked up the monopoly money game the twins came in, and Kim was yelling “No! Wait, we’ll keep that!”

“Okay it’s all yours but the money’s fake. I don’t know what you’re going to do with that,” responded Cindy.

“I’ll think of something. I won’t give up on my uncle” responded Kim.

“Oh well I’m off to buy a new car for when I turn 18 which is only 2 years away,” said Cindy very excited to be as rich as her uncle once was. Cindy ran off and got Mr. Westing to drive her to the Ferrari dealership in Dublin, but when she tried to buy the car with Mr. Westing’s permission the dealer checked the money and found out that the money was fake. The dealer called the police on the spot.

“Are you kidding me? Do I look like an idiot to you? How do you think you can buy a Ferrari with MONOPOLY MONEY?” asked the dealer. At that moment, the police came and took Cindy to the nearest Juvenile Correctional Facility where they threw her into a bland, disgusting cell. When Mr. Westing got back to the Piff Manor, after that ordeal, he told the boys the news, and Kim’s response was, “Serves her right. Well she is still our big sis so I guess we will have to get her out of Juvie eventually.”

“What’s Juvie?” asked Ted completely clueless, which is very normal for him.

“Oh never mind. Let’s just say that it is a very bad place to be,” answered Kim.

“Um boys, you do know that the monopoly money in that box you have is actual money right,” said Mr. Westing abruptly.

“Are you serious? We’re rich!” said Ted for himself and Kim.

“I know let’s go buy some chocolate. It’s time to be real boys again,” said Kim thinking of all the chocolate he could buy with their new money, until he realized something, “Mr. Westing how do you know that this Monopoly game has the real money?” asked Kim wondering and being very curious.

“I knew about everything. Mr. Piff told me about his plans ages ago when he was still alive,” answered Mr. Westing laughing sadly.

“Wow and you never told us?” said Kim questioningly.

“Of course not! Mr. Piff told me not to,” said Mr. Westing.

“Uh guys I’m not sure about you but I want chocolate,” said Ted looking very hungry.

“Ah yes, right let’s go,” said the servant. Everyone got into the Bentley and they drove to the chocolate factory where the two brothers bought 200 boxes of chocolate, a lifetime supply, paying in complete cash because when the manager checked the money it was real hundred dollar bills. To get the boxes home the party of 3 rented a truck and brought everything home including the Bentley which they stored in the back along with the chocolate. The twins enjoyed their succulent chocolate bars, while Cindy hung on to her window bars in her new Juvie room.

The short story is written by Faheem Hussain, a 13 year old boy who studies in 8th class.

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