UMC Terminated the Operation of 18 Petrol-Diesel Boats in Lake Pichola

UMC Terminated the Operation of 18 Petrol-Diesel Boats in Lake Pichola

Udaipur Municipal Corporation transitions to solar/battery boats for Pichola Lake. Despite the corporation's initiative, the contractor currently have only three battery-operated boats. 


To enhance environmental sustainability and address longstanding concerns over pollution, the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has taken significant steps towards eco-friendly practices in managing Pichola Lake. With the cessation of petrol-diesel operated boats, the corporation is embracing a new era of battery-operated boats, aiming to preserve the scenic beauty and ecological balance of the renowned lake.

Transition to Eco-Friendly Boats

The corporation recently terminated the operation of its 18 petrol-diesel boats, signaling a shift towards environmentally conscious practices. These boats have been replaced by eco-friendly alternatives. Furthermore, the corporation has awarded a contract for 15 battery-operated boats to accommodate tourists and residents, underscoring its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Contract Details

Mayor Govind Singh Tak of UMC mentioned that previously, the municipal corporation earned an annual revenue of 3.51 crore rupees from boat operations in Pichola Lake. With the new tender, this amount has risen to 5.40 crore rupees, providing an extra revenue of around 2 crore rupees for the corporation. This additional income can be used for city development projects. This move aligns with the Rajasthan High Court's directive to prioritize solar/battery-operated boats, reflecting a proactive approach towards environmental conservation.

Implementation Challenges

Despite the corporation's initiative, the contractor currently have only three battery-operated boats. However, efforts are underway to obtain licenses and fitness certificates from the Regional Transport Office in Udaipur. Once acquired, operations are set to commence, offering residents and tourists an eco-friendly alternative for exploring Pichola Lake.

Current Scenario

Presently, with the cessation of municipal corporation boats, Pichola Lake sees a total of 45 vessels in operation, all managed by hotel owners. While 10 boats utilize battery-solar technology, 35 continue to rely on petrol. Additionally, three speedboats serve rescue purposes, though their operation remains irregular. Nevertheless, these boats facilitate seamless transportation for tourists, residents, and goods, underscoring the lake's importance as a vital artery for the city.

Environmental Impact

The transition to electric boats signifies an important step towards improving the health of Pichola Lake. Opposition to petrol-diesel boats stems from concerns over emissions detrimental effects on the lake's ecosystem. By adopting eco-friendly practices, the corporation aims to mitigate pollution, safeguard aquatic life, and preserve the lake's water quality. Ultimately, this transition holds promise for enhancing both environmental sustainability and public health in Udaipur.

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