276 Indians test positive outside India - Infections within India are mostly of those who have entered the country

276 Indians test positive outside India - Infections within India are mostly of those who have entered the country

3 out of 4 infections are with a travel history  abroad. Italy, Dubai, Iran are the main culprits
276 Indians test positive outside India - Infections within India are mostly of those who have entered the country
134 cases - 99 from abroad, 35 secondary infections

As per information shared by the Ministry of External Affairs with the government, at least 276 Indians have tested positive for COVID19.  This includes 255 in Iran, 12 in UAE and 5 in Italy.

The MEA submitted a written reply to the question asked in Lok Sabha today. This also includes one Indian each in Hong Kong, Kuwait, Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

Indians in Iran were a part of a delegation of over 800 from Kargil in Ladakh and are stuck in Iran since February. This group is stranded in Qom, which is one of the worst affected areas in Iran. They are stuck in hotels and other accomodations.

A total of 389 people have been evacuated from Iran, with the last lot of 59 returning on Monday. Coronavirus has infected nearly 2 lakh people all across the globe till now and nearly 150 in India, with three deaths. Total reported deaths in Iran is 700, with 14,000 being infected.

Suspension of visas and travel restrictions for those coming from abroad, including Indian citizens has been in place over the last few days, with advisories flowing in regularly. Malls, Theatres, Gyms, Public places, Tourist spots, Schools, Colleges, etc have been shut down in most states and a lock down is imminent.

As per statistics, 3 out of every 4 confirmed cases in India are of those with a travel history abroad.  Of the total 134 cases reported yesterday, 99 are of foreigners or Indians who have travelled abroad, and 35 are secondary infections. Of these, 37 have come from Italy, 21 from Dubai, 6 from Iran, 5 from US, 4 from UK, 4 from France, 3 from China (Wuhan), 3 from Spain and 16 from other countries.

The following statistics are of those infected in India:

  • 38 cases have been reported in Maharashtra, of which 27 are primary cases and 11 are secondary infections. Of the primary cases, 12 have returned from Dubai, 3 each have returned from US, Doha and Philippines, and 1 each from US, France, Germany, France, Iran, Thailand, Japan, Kazakhstan and Portugal.
  • 27 cases have been reported from Kerala, of which 19 are primary and 8 are secondary infections. Of these, 3 have returned from China, 8 from Italy (1 Italian), 4 from Dubai, 2 from UK and 1 each from UK, Spain and Qatar.
  • 15 cases have been reported from Haryana, all being primary infections.  Of these 3 have returned from Wuhan (China), 8 from Italy and 4 from Dubai.
  • 13 cases were reported from Uttar Pradesh, with 8 being primary and 3 being secondary infections. Primary cases include those returned from Canada (1), Italy (5) and France (2).
  • Karnataka has reported 10 cases with 6 primary and 4 secondary infections. While one who returned from Saudi has since died, the infected include 1 passenger each from US, Dubai, London, Europe and UK.
  • Of the 7 cases reported from Delhi, 4 being primary and 3 secondary, 4 have returned from Italy and one each from France, Japan and Switzerland.
  • Ladakh has reported 7 cases of which 4 are primary and 3 secondary. All 4 are from Iran.
  • Telangana has reported 5 cases, all primary with passengers coming in from Dubai, Netherlands, Italy, Scotland and Indonesia.
  • Rajasthan has reported 4 infections, all being primary, with 2 from Italy and one each from Dubai and Spain.
  • Jammu and Kashmir has reported 3 cases, of which 1 is a secondary infection. These include one each from Italy and Saudi Arabia.
  • Punjab,, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh have reported 1 infection each, with passengers arriving from Italy, Oman, Spain and Russia.

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