3,561 Vehicles Sold in 16 Days in Udaipur District

3,561 Vehicles Sold in 16 Days in Udaipur District

A total of 2,320 two-wheelers and 928 cars were sold...

Vehicle Sales

The festive season saw a surge in vehicle purchases as people eagerly indulged in buying. Over the course of 16 days in November, a remarkable total of 3,561 vehicles were sold in Udaipur district. The majority of these purchases, comprising 65%, were two-wheelers, with a significant number of 2,320 being sold. This trend reflects a strong preference for motorcycles and scooters among the buyers during the festive period.

The enthusiasm displayed by the community in acquiring new vehicles highlights the positive economic sentiment and festive spirit prevailing in the region. The significant number of two-wheelers sold suggests a preference for convenient and agile modes of transportation, contributing to the overall vibrancy of the local automotive market during this festive season.

The count of four-wheeled vehicles held steady at 928, making up roughly 25% of the total sales. Notably, this indicates that four-wheeled vehicles contribute to around 90 percent of the overall sales, leaving two-wheelers to account for the remaining 10%.

In addition to this, among the 313 vehicles sold, there is a diverse array of types. These include tractors, buses, construction equipment, dumpers, cranes, e-rickshaws, goods carriers, road rollers, three-wheeled vehicles, and more.

The variety in the types of vehicles sold highlights a diverse consumer interest in different modes of transportation and utility vehicles. This mix of offerings adds depth to the overall sales landscape, catering to a range of needs and preferences within the community.

Between November 10 and November 13, 2023 spanning the Diwali festival, there was a remarkable uptick in vehicle sales, with a total of 610 sold over the four-day period. This surge included 298 two-wheelers and 281 four-wheelers, showcasing a diverse range of preferences among buyers during the Diwali celebrations.

Notably, this festive season saw a heightened interest in vehicle purchases across all categories, emphasizing the varied choices made by consumers. The Transportation Department played a crucial role in this process, registering vehicles in 23 different categories, capturing the wide spectrum of preferences among buyers. Intriguingly, some individuals took a unique approach by purchasing both two-wheelers and cars, possibly for online cab services. 

Vehicle Registration
Two-Wheeler 2320
Tractor 40
Agriculture Vehicle 36
Bus 10
Construction Equipment 04
Dumper Truck 13
Earth Movement Equipment 15
Goods Carrier 119
Cab 28
Motor Car 928
Rent Two-Wheeler 21
Three-Wheeler Vehicle (Passenger) 10

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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