Soon 3D CTX Machines will be installed at Key airports

Soon 3D CTX Machines will be installed at Key airports

Soon airport passengers will no longer have to keep their gadgets on tray for check  

Airport security checks

By December 31, 2023, all airports that handle 50 lakh or more passengers yearly are required by order of the Director General of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), Zulfikar Hasan, to install 3D computed tomography X-ray (CTX) devices for cabin bag checks. By the end of this year, congested Indian airports' pre-embarkation security checks (PESC) will no longer require travellers to go through the inconvenience of removing personal electronic devices (PEDs) like laptops and cell phones from their luggage and searching for separate plastic trays to keep them on. 

With these devices, passengers are not required to keep PEDs, chargers, and liquids in separate trays, as they are required to do with the present 2D X-ray scanners. Hasan has also established a deadline for full body scanners (FBS) to be installed in all highly sensitive airports that serve 1 crore or more passengers yearly by year's end. Faster and more comprehensive security checks will be possible as a result.

All new non-RCS (regional connectivity scheme) airports, including the forthcoming ones in Greater Noida and Navi Mumbai, are require by the BCAS order to install CTX and FBS "before the start of the operation itself."  By expediting the PESC procedure, sources claim that CTX will not only enhance passenger satisfaction but also strengthen security. 

Source: Times Of India


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