4 arrested in the case of damage to Tagore’s statue

4 arrested in the case of damage to Tagore’s statue

4 arrested but got bail in case of falling of Tagore's statue.

4 arrested in the case of damage to Tagore’s statue

4 people have been arrested for causing damage to the statue of Rabindra Nath Tagore in RNT Medical College. 2 of these are senior residents of RNT Medical College. They have also been granted bail as it was not actually a case of theft.

The senior residents Rajesh Meena and Ramlal have been arrested along with 2 of their friends Kailash and Surendra for breach of peace. Police investigations reveal that there was no mal intention. This was stated after checking the CCTV footages and individual interrogations. The statements of the 4 youths matched with each other and this proved that the falling of the statue was actually an accident.

The 4 youths in their individual statements revealed that Surendra was blessed with a son 20 days back. The 4 friends were in a party mood and they moved out in a car. Since there is almost no traffic near the statue, they decided to take a selfie with the statue. The staircase where they stood had wax which fell from the candles during the candle march. While taking selfie, they slipped from the stairs because of the wax and tried to take support of the statue. Since the statue was upright only on a single iron rod, the person holding the statue fell and down went the statue with him.

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It may be noted that statue had fallen one and half year back, too. It was put back in place by the people present there. The students said that they had returned to place back the statue the next day but after seeing a lot of crowd and the Principal, they got scared and left. Then when they saw the news in the papers, they decided to ask for forgiveness by means of pasting a note.

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