5 men try to kidnap girls in Goverdhan Vilas area-Arrested

5 men try to kidnap girls in Goverdhan Vilas area-Arrested

5 men tried to kidnap 3 girls. All arrested.

5 men try to kidnap girls in Goverdhan Vilas area-Arrested

5 men hailing from Churu district attempted kidnapping in Goverdhan Vilas area. The incident occurred on Sunday night. All these 5 accused have been arrested by police. As per reports, these 5 men work for a company in Transport Nagar in Udaipur. 3 girls were harassed by these men and even attacked with a lathi.

The girls informed police that they are pursuing their studies in Udaipur. 2 of these girls boarded an auto around 8 p.m. on Sunday when a car started following them. There were 5 men in the car and they stopped their car right in front of the auto near JJ Hospital at 100 feet road. They even started urinating in front of the auto. All of them were drunk. The girls were joined by one of their friends soon who opposed the act of these men. At this instant, one of the men men took hold of one of the girls and tried to pull her into the car in an attempt to kidnap her. When the other two friends came forward to free their friend from the men, the other men hit one of the girls on head with a lathi and the other was hit on the waist. When the girls shouted for help, these miscreants sped away from the site.

One girl showed presence of mind and clicked a picture of the car’s number plate. This helped police in locating and arresting the men. The girls also said that there was public around but none dared to come forward to help the girls. They came into action only when the girls started shouting for help. The arrested men are Rakesh Jaat, Vikas Jaat, Yudhishthir Jaat, Ram Kumar Jaat (65) and Sushil Soni.

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