50 year old woman fainted in flight, doctors saved her life

50 year old woman fainted in flight, doctors saved her life

The incident occurred on a flight from Udaipur to Jaipur


In films, there are often scenes depicting medical emergencies at airports or during flights, where doctors present at the scene immediately provide treatment, saving the patient's life. However, such scenarios are rarely witnessed in real life. Dr. Prakash Jain and Dr. Pradeep Bandwal, two gynecologists from Udaipur, saved the life of a passenger with their skillful efforts, even when his heartbeat had stopped during air travel. 

The incident occurred on a flight from Udaipur to Jaipur. The aircraft management has sent an email thanking both doctors for their tireless efforts to save the woman's life.

Dr. Prakash Jain mentioned that it was on 21st November when a group of doctors from Udaipur was on a flight to attend a CME in Jaipur. As soon as the flight took off from Udaipur, a 50-year-old female passenger from Calcutta lost consciousness and fell from her seat.

The woman's husband became frightened and informed everyone about the incident. It seemed that she had nearly died, as her heartbeat had ceased. 

Dr. Pradeep Bandwal said "It seemed to be primarily a case of cardiac arrest due to heart disorder and in this situation an attempt can be made to bring the patient's heartbeat back through the CPR process. Both of us started giving CPR to the woman and after continuous efforts for 10 minutes, the patient started breathing again, at once everyone felt that the woman's life had been saved.But this happiness was short-lived because the woman's pulse stopped again. We kept trying continuously for about 30 minutes. We did not give up and kept giving CPR, which later restored the woman's heartbeat".

It appeared to be a miracle to the people on the flight, but it was the result of the tireless hard work and spirit of service exhibited by both doctors. The aircraft management had arranged for an ambulance in Jaipur, which transported the patient to the hospital. According to the latest information, the woman has been discharged from the hospital and is now in perfect health.

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