65-Year-Old MLA Resumes Studies

65-Year-Old MLA Resumes Studies

MLA Phool Singh Meena embarks on academic journey after leaving education in 7th grade

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In a remarkable display of determination and commitment to education, Rajasthan's esteemed MLA from Udaipur Rural, Phool Singh Meena, has recently achieved a significant milestone. At the age of 65, he successfully passed the BA examination, despite having only studied until the seventh standard in his earlier years. The inspiring journey of MLA Phoolsingh Meena commenced with a heartfelt insistence from his five daughters, who recognized the immense value of education and the numerous benefits it could bring to their father's life. Encouraging him with unwavering support, they fervently persuaded him to take up studies once again. "Papa, you have to study. Dad, what a service you are doing. She'll be fine. If you study, there will be many benefits in it," they urged, believing in his capabilities and the potential for personal growth through learning.

Embracing this call to pursue knowledge, MLA Phool Singh Meena took a significant step forward by enrolling at Vardhaman Mahaveer University Kota. Despite his responsibilities as an MLA and his advancing age, he demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to his studies.

Meena has achieved a significant milestone by passing the BA final examination in Political Science, Public Administration, and Sociology, as per the recently declared results. The MLA expressed his pride in her accomplishment and emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of daughters in society. He wished to inspire the youth by highlighting that one's age should never be a barrier to pursuing education. He encouraged them to set their goals with determination, and through unwavering intentions and hard work, success will undoubtedly be within their reach.

The five daughters of MLA Sanjana, namely Rekha, Deepika, Suman, and Jyoti, consistently encouraged and emphasized the importance of education. They believed that by acquiring knowledge and becoming highly educated, their mother would be better equipped to address the issues faced by the public and alleviate their pain and suffering effectively. Meena was deeply moved by the daughter’s sentiments and believed that an educated public 

After a hiatus of 40 years, he decided to embark on an educational journey once again. In 2013, he took the first step by applying to Rajasthan State Open for the 10th examination, which he successfully passed in 2015. Undeterred by the challenges, he pursued his studies further and cleared the 12th examination from State Open in 2017. The MLA proudly shares that the pursuit of knowledge has now ignited a desire in him to obtain a PhD degree. Driven by this aspiration, he is determined to continue his academic journey, showcasing that one's thirst for learning knows no bounds and age should never be a hindrance to fulfilling educational goals.

He discontinued his studies after the 7th standard due to family circumstances. Following his father's passing, he took on the responsibility of managing the household as there was no one else to do so. At the tender age of 13, Meena began farming to support the family, and for about 12 years, he dedicated himself to agricultural pursuits. However, as time went on, he faced difficulties in sustaining his livelihood through farming alone. To improve his prospects, he transitioned to other forms of work. Over the years, he ventured into various occupations, eventually becoming a Labour contractor. Presently, he oversees a team of 125 labourers, reflecting the significant growth and success he has achieved in this field.

His journey showcases his resilience and determination to adapt to challenges and find new opportunities for growth and development. From a young age, he took on responsibilities beyond his years and has now become a successful leader in his own right, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the workforce. Meena's active involvement in public service extended beyond his professional accomplishments. He served as a trustee in UIT (Urban Improvement Trust) Udaipur, where he contributed to community development initiatives. Recognizing his dedication and leadership, in 2010, he was elected as a councillor in the Municipal Corporation of Udaipur.

In 2013, the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) honoured him with a party ticket to contest in the rural assembly elections. Meena campaigned tirelessly and emerged victorious, earning the trust and support of the constituents. His commitment to serving the people and advocating for their interests led to another triumph in the 2018 assembly elections when he secured the party's ticket once again and emerged victorious for the second time.

Meena's political journey demonstrates his strong bond with the community and his ability to effectively represent their aspirations and concerns. Through his roles as a councillor and later as a successful rural assembly representative, he has left a lasting impact on the lives of the people he serves.

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