Udaipur MB Hospital Mortuary to be soon equipped with hi tech AV teaching systems for students of Autopsy

Udaipur MB Hospital Mortuary to be soon equipped with hi tech AV teaching systems for students of Autopsy

Udaipur MB Hospital Mortuary Audio Video Autopsy Centre Udaipur

The Mortuary at the Maharana Bhopal Government Hospital in Udaipur is likely to have the state’s first Audio-Visual system in the Autopsy block. This AV system will facilitate teaching students about the various aspects of the postmortem through Digital Classroom with Video Conferencing System.  A proposal to this effect has already been sent by the Forensic department to the Principal of RNT, who has forwarded this further for approval and necessary action.

At present, the new mortuary which has been recently inaugurated at the hospital compound is having ‘ C’ shaped auditorium where around 100 students can gather and can practically learn about the process of Autopsy. Now, the hospital administration is looking forward to to make it more technically equipped with an Audio-Visual system in the Autopsy block for teaching students about postmortem. With the help of this system the process of postmortem can be displayed live on a projector screen through high resolution cameras installed right above the body and with this it will be the first of its kind system in the state.

Hi Tech AV at Udaipur Mortuary at MB General Hospital Udaipur

“We recently have inaugurated our new mortuary and we have started using it. This mortuary is having a ‘C’ shaped auditorium that can accommodate at-least 90 students at a time and they can have practical experience about the postmortem process of the human body. But for future, we will equip the place with high resolution cameras and will also give a live demonstration of the process of postmortem at the same time with projector screen. The students can also see even the tiny body parts during the process, which they cannot see otherwise with their naked eyes, while standing away from the body.”Dr. Akhilesh Shrama, ex-HoD, Forensic Medicine, RNT Medical College.

Dr. Akhilesh also said that the proposal for the audio-visual system has already been sent for approval in the month January 2022 and if it will be sanctioned, then this Mortuary will be the first in the state to have such an Audio-Visual system in Autopsy block for teaching of medical students about postmortem through the cameras.  He added that the Mortuary at MB Hospital is the only place to have such a huge premises where around 100 students can gather at a time. He said that the model will cost between Rs.3.5 to Rs.4 Lakh. The system will have SITC of 75" 4K Ultra HD display, Blu Ray players, gaming console, a 20 Watt AI enabled sound system, apart from the other AV infra. 

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