DU researchers discovered 256 Titanosaur fossilised eggs at Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh

DU researchers discovered 256 Titanosaur fossilised eggs at Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh

"If we find an embryo it would be the first in India." - Harsha Dhiman


The ancient dinosaur species known as Titanosaur or Titanosaurus has been discovered by the experts. The fact that the DU researchers have discovered fresh information on their various species, reproductive systems, parental behaviour and colonial nesting behaviour makes their study more fascinating. 

In central India, they have discovered 92 nests and 256 fossilised eggs that belonged to titanosaurs, the biggest dinosaurs to have ever existed. The eggs were discovered in Madhya Pradesh's Dhar district, prompting comparisons between the egg-laying behaviour of archaic animals to that of crocodiles and birds today. 

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The study has been carried out by Delhi University’s Dr Harsha Dhiman, Professor GVR Prasad and others under the journal PLOS ONE published last week. The study title is ‘New Late Cretaceous titanosaur sauropod dinosaur egg clutches from lower Narmada Valley, India: Palaeobiology and taphonomy.’ 

Between 2017 and 2020, the researchers conducted their investigation. They discovered vast dinosaur hatcheries in the villages of Akhada, Dholiya Raipuriya, Jhaba, Jamniapura, and Padlya in the Bagh and Kukshi districts of the Dhar district. 

They also provided information about how they lay eggs outside of their habitat and the environmental circumstances that prevailed between 100.5 million and 66 million years ago when they lived there. 

The group also discovered a pathologic ovum-in-ovo egg or an egg with many shells. Experts claim that this is the first time that such an egg has been discovered in a titanosaur nest. Pathologic eggs are often exclusively seen in birds. The finding thus represents a step toward proving that birds and reptiles have comparable reproductive processes. 

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