First Public Hydraulic parking at Udaipur will start from 25 November 2022

First Public Hydraulic parking at Udaipur will start from 25 November 2022

A 5-Storey (6 levels) Hydraulic parking that cost Rs 6.01 Cr has been built at the city's busy Surajpol intersection

First Multi Level Hydraulic Parking in Udaipur Surajpol Udaipur Parking at Surajpol Parking at Bapu Bazar

Udaipur's first public hydraulic parking, in which 86 cars can be accomodated at any instance will start from 25 November, 2022. This 5-storey hydraulic parking has been built at a cost of Rs. 6.01 Crore at the city's busiest Surajpol intersection. The final touches to the facility will be completed by 15 November 2022. The premises will be handed over to the Udaipur Municipal Corporation and will be operated by Udaipur Smart City. The UMC will take a call on the parking fee before the inauguration.

The initiative has been taken so that the vehicles that are being parked randomly in the area will get a separate space for parking thereby resulting in lesser chaos on the intersection and nearby markets.

“14 to 15 vehicles can be parked on each floor” - Acting CEO of Smart City Pradeep Sangawat.

Parking operators will be present at each floor for the maintenance of vehicles and to help people to park their vehicles at the right space. The number of vehicles parked will be entered in the system, which will make it easy to board and unload the vehicles. It is 5-storeyed, with 7 parking spaces on each side till the fourth floor and 8 vehicles each side on the 5th floor. 43 vehicles can be parked on each side, including the ground floor.

The construction of the hydraulic parking began on 20 October 2020 and the deadline was June 2021. However, a petition was filed in the court raising objections and the entire process was delayed by 18 months. The court gave a stay and after that, considering the objections in the court as impractical, the ruling went in favor of Udaipur Smart City.

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