Green Munia bird's baby born for the first time in the Gulabbagh zoo

Green Munia bird's baby born for the first time in the Gulabbagh zoo

The first such example of breeding in the zoo in the country, this bird on the verge of extinction

green munia

Udaipur bird park has become first of its kind facility in the world where the endable and  one of the threatened species of bird 'Green Munia' has laid 4 eggs that successfully hetched and new borns have survived making a successful model of captive breeding.

Dr. Rajat Bhargav scientist from BHSNL said that Green Munia is one of the endangered species out of the 180 endangered species of birds.

It was when the work on Udaipur Bird Park was going that the team of experts including Dr. Rajat suggested the senior officials to launch conservative project for the endangered species like Green Munia.This bird is found most in the forest areas of Mount Abu and the first pair of this bird was brought to Udaipur from there, but as the work of the bird park was not completed so they were later released. But with the launch of the bird park another pair of thid bird was brought from Gogunda area and was kept in an enclosure here amid all natural environment. The pair not only breeded and laid the eggs but also made a nest out of the natural material like tiwgs and strings that were made available by the team of the park.

Dr. Bhargav said that he said working on the project since 2002 and the main aim of starting the project was prioritize ornithological studies to focus on threatened species that are endemic to India. As soon as I sent him a proposal to assess the population status and threats to the Green Munia (Green Avadavat) , he immediately commissioned a study under the Sálim Ali Nature Conservation Fund.

The main aim of this ongoing project is to gather information on Green Avadavat populations throughout its range, and to identify I key sites of its remaining populations. Secondly, we plan to conduct ecological and behavioural studies on this little known species. An investigation into its tolerance to habitat degradation is another objective of the study.And lastly, we hope to prevent or reduce the capture and trade of Green tra Avadavat by developing more effective measures at the grassroots level and Dr. Bhargav said "I am thrilled to share the news livelihoods that Udaipur is coming up with a world class Conservation Breeding Centre for Green Avadavat at Gulab Bagh, Udaipur".

He further said that this is a Rajasthan State Forest Department initiative coordinated by Shri Rahul Bhatnagar, Chief Conservator of Forests, Udaipur under the leadership of ensland Dr. G.V. Reddy, PCCF and Chief Group This Wildlife Warden, Rajasthan.

BNHS is breeding the designated knowledge partner in stock this first of its kind project in India. Green Avadavat Conservation Breeding Centre in Rajasthan Most birders in India would be gastonished to know that there is a Green Avadavat Breeders Group under the umbrella of Queensland Finch Society in Australia. This group, dedicated to captive breeding of our endemic munia, has a stock of less than 100 birds.

Aviculturists in India cannot keep stocks of the Green Avadavat since it is a protected species, and captive breeding is not encouraged as it may lead to hidden trade in the species.

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