Foundation for the ISKCON Radha Giridhari temple at Udaipur will be laid on 7 December

Foundation for the ISKCON Radha Giridhari temple at Udaipur will be laid on 7 December

This temple, to be built at a cost of Rs 30 Crore has been designed on the beautiful theme of Vrindavan


The ISKCON Radha Giridhari Mandir (Radha Krishna Temple) at Udaipur is being planned on a 3.5 acre land near Chirwa tunnel on the Udaipur - Nathdwara road by ISKCON, an international organization dedicated for the protection and promotion of Sanatan Dharma. The foundation stone will be laid on 7 December 2022.

Sunil Laddha, an artichect from Udaipur, reputed across the country and abroad, has designed this temple on the beautiful theme of Vrindavan. This entire project may take 3 to 4 years to complete as per Laddha,  at an estimated cost of Rs. 30 to 35 Crores.


Addressing a Press Conference on 7 November, ISKCON Temple Project Director Madan Govind Das said that the prestigious Radha Girdhari Temple and the cultural and spiritual center is being built by ISKCON in the name of Veda and Yoga Center at the Mohanpura village located at Chirwa,15 km from Udaipur.

Madan Govind Das, having been at the helm in prestigious institutions like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever India, IIM Udaipur, among others, has been entrusted with the responsibility of Project Director of ISKCON Temple at Udaipur. The city's renowned businessman Ravi Burman is also associated as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee. Sutendra Kumar Mahajan, former CEO and Vice President of Wolkem, businessman and Rotary Club Udaipur  member Rakesh Maheshwari, UCCI member, Pradeep Gupta, businessman and former President of Rotary Club Elite, besides many experienced members have volunteered to be a part of the execution and advisory committee of this prestigious premises,which, along with adding a special element to the Udaipur ecosystem, will also be a place of serene prayers and meditation in the city.



Madan Govind Das said that the motive of establishing this temple is to spread the values of Sanatan dharma. The aim is to promote and preserve our Indian Vedic Culture. Radha Giridhari temple will also promote the culture of our Rajasthan. Temple will not only attract people of Udaipur but it will spread the message worldwide. The temple is near Eklingji Temple and Nathdwara temple which is a hub of tourists as they visit temples most frequently. He said that the temple will attract not only the residents of Udaipur but also the tourists and visitors coming from abroad.There is also a plan for the development of rural areas around this institution.


He said that there is also a plan for an Ashram, Vedic Educational Institute, fully equipped auditorium, garden, Govardhan Parikrama, Yamuna Rani and youth hostel in this temple. Along with this, Govinda vegetarian restaurant will also be constructed and there are plans to build Gurukul and Gaushala in the future. The organization has entrusted the work of this project to the experienced and responsible devotees of different fields.


Respected personalities like Param Pujya Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj of Global GBC (Governing Body Commission) of ISKCON organization; Devaki Nandan Das, Zonal Secretary of Rajasthan and many other states; Regional Head Param Pujya Bhakti Prachar Parivrajak Maharaj; Vaishnav Swami Maharaj, etc will participate in the foundation stone laying ceremony on 7 December 2022.  Temple President Pancharatna Das and senior officials and eminent industrialists of Udaipur will also be present.






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