International Universities to be showcased for the the first time for students of Udaipur: Education Expo 2022

International Universities to be showcased for the the first time for students of Udaipur: Education Expo 2022

Students can interact face to face with global universities in this initiative by Seedling Group of Schools.

internationaleducation expo

The Seedling Group of Schools and Global Reach have partnered to bring top international universities to Udaipur for the first time for the International Education Expo 2022, which will be held on November 9, 2022 at the Hotel Radisson, Lake City Mall from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Students of classes XI and XII in Udaipur willgeta chance to interact and seek personal counseling with these universities on the day of the event. The event will be graced by Lakshyaraj Singhji Mewar.

Participating Universities include Creative Technology Educators,Canterbury Christ Church University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Mount Saint Vincent University, Queen's University Belfast, RMIT University, Amity University, Singapore Institute of Management, SP Jain School of Global Management, University of Melbourne, University of Newcastle, University of Sydney and  University of Dundee

Seedling identified the need for the student community of Udaipur to get access to information on the abundance of international  academic programs in foreign universities. This event has been designed to address this need.

The culture of education has undergone a paradigm shift, and as a result, job opportunities are also altering. It is essential for educators to stay updated with the knowledge and to share that knowledge with the students. The purpose of this event is to give children the resources and tools they need to build a brighter future. It is the perfect place for Class XI and XII students. Students can apply to over 500 universities worldwide through Seedling School, Udaipur and will get the opportunity to meet representatives from 10 leading universities. 


The students will be given comprehensive information on various courses, the environment, academics, methodology, scholarships, and their overall placement, among other things. Their achievement will undoubtedly be their alma mater's and the city's prosperity as well. 


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