Addressing residents inclusivity in maintenance of the infrastructure of Udaipur

Addressing residents inclusivity in maintenance of the infrastructure of Udaipur


Jodhpur is on the path to experience a ray of hope in terms of road maintenance. The residents of the city will now have a direct line of communication with the department's engineers, who are in charge of overseeing the quality of road construction. The engineers contact number information will now be listed on sign boards on newly built or recently repaired streets across Jodhpur city, along with a notice that the engineers can be contacted with concerns about the quality of the roads.

Taking a cue from this initiative by the members of the Jodhpur municipality, the municipal corporation of Udaipur should implement such policies in their maintenance practices as well. Although Udaipur is developing into a smart city, the city's infrastructure is weak when it comes to the state of its roads, specially the roads in the walled city areas. The city's residents have long been concerned about road maintenance and the smart city developments have not addressed this major concern at many places. 

Building of clean roads and adequate traffic management should take precedence. This action by the city of Jodhpur is intended to ensure the transparency, timeliness, and quality of all road projects undertaken by various departments, as well as to make available to the general public all important information regarding to the specific road. A few days ago, several portions of roads acorss Udaipur were rebuilt and sections of broken areas were dumped with taar in order to make the city presentable for the dignitaries who visited for the G-20 Sherpa Summit that was held in the city from 4-7 December. Now that the G-20 is over, the administration should focus on maintaining the improvements they have done and renovate the other roads which are shrieking for maintenance.. Before the G-20, it was announced that Udaipur is ready to host international events, thus the city should keep its word. To obtain and retain the MICE destination title, Udaipur's authorities must examine the city's road infrastructure. The road infrastructure is highlighted here since other aspects of the city are developed to an extent, yet the need for road building has been noted for quite a long time.

Another deteriorating aspect of bad road quality in the city of Udaipur is traffic, tourism, and pollution. As the city is indeed a tourism hotspot, a huge number of visitors arrived in September, October, and November, 2022. Needless to say, many celebrities like the city, and many Bollywood celebs have recently visited the city. In this case, there is a need to maintain city areas in terms of pollution, roads, and traffic maintenance. Further, the hurriedness shown by the administration in window dressing the infrastructure of the city before big events, instead of regular maintenance, is another part of the concern. The question is whether the city's condition will be improved or do we have to wait for another major event before the municipality, police and UIT take cogniscance.

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