The Russia Ukraine Conflict – Putin's declaration of partial mobilization

The Russia Ukraine Conflict – Putin's declaration of partial mobilization

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The hegemony of Vladimir Putin was indicative in his speech which he gave on Wednesday, 21 September, 2022. Putin emphasized the need to annex the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine within Russia. Putin's declaration of partial mobilization has made it quite evident that the war is not going to cease very soon. Vladimir Putin has now ordered to train 3,00,000 soldiers for the war that has silenced the globe as the war has entered its 7th month.

“Putin has shamelessly violated the UN charter” - Joe Biden, President, USA

During the Second World War nearly 77 years ago, Russia adopted military mobilization.

After retreating steadily for several months, Ukrainian forces have lately been able to conduct a counteroffensive and regain some ground from Russian forces. Putin's request for a limited mobilization is therefore being interpreted by many as a last-ditch effort to make up for recent military setbacks.

As per the leaders from around the world, Putin’s nuclear threat is a cause of danger for Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, claimed that no country would support him in this. As a result President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Moscow valued its connections with countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa and was ready to give its modern weapons.

On 24 February, Russia started a war on Ukraine and many residential areas, schools, railway stations and hospitals were attacked. Since then the war has claimed thousands of lives and caused millions to flee, and destroyed entire cities. Nevertheless, Putin in his speech blamed western countries for the destruction of Russia. The export of vital US technologies, particularly in the aviation, maritime, and defense industries, is restricted, and US President Joe Biden applies full blocking restrictions to four Russian institutions.

The value of the Russian Ruble fell precipitously over this week. However, there is a line-up of people waiting to withdraw money from banks. Mild penalties against Russia were to be imposed earlier by nations like Canada, Britain, Japan, Germany, and the US, but no action was taken.

In today's world, a nation's technological capabilities determine how a war will end. Technology in terms of arsenal, which is a requirement of huge military and weapons make a country powerful. There was a time when peace treaties used to be signed under specific circumstances, but in the present world it is different since everyone wants to start a war to get what they want.

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