For its delivery partners, Swiggy now offers ambulance service

For its delivery partners, Swiggy now offers ambulance service

By pressing the SOS button on the partner app or calling a toll-free number, delivery partners can immediately contact the ambulance service


Ambulance service has been made available by Swiggy to delivery partners and their dependents. For delivery partners and their dependents, the service is free. Through a toll-free number or the SOS button on the partner app, delivery partners may promptly contact the ambulance service. The response time right now is 12 minutes. 

Additionally, the service is free for the wives and two children of delivery partners who are protected by Swiggy's insurance. For the project, the business has teamed up with Dial4242 Ambulance Services. Delivery partners will simply need to validate their partner ID; no paperwork will be needed for the procedure. 

"By providing ambulance service, we ensure that our delivery partners are secure, at ease, and have access to assistance when they most need it." - Mihir Rajesh Shah, Head of operations at Swiggy. The programme was launched shortly after a Swiggy delivery partner died in Noida after a scooter-car collision. 

After being trialled in Bengaluru, Delhi, National Capital Region (NCR), Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, the service has now been made available throughout India. 

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