A cute 3 year old goes to the hospital alone

A cute 3 year old goes to the hospital alone

The picture of this 3 year old innocent girl interacting with the doctor is enough to bring a big smile on everybody's face.
3 year old

Since her parents were away to the fields, this 3 year old girl visited the hospital on her own when she experienced symptoms of cold.

Truly, this is a case of a well taught daughter and her remarkable parents.

Today when we have news that pains the heart, when we are losing near and dear ones and when so many people are in depression, we all wish for angles to make things right. And sometimes children prove to be those god-sent angels who make us smile in the toughest of times.

This is about one such sweet little angel, a 3 year old girl whose news is going viral over the net. This news is being forwarded by many to many as a means to share smiles.

A 3 year old in Nagaland went to the doctor all by herself when faced with symptoms of cold. Lipavi, the cute little girl, experienced symptoms of cold one morning when her parents were away to the fields. She decided to walk down her way to the hospital. This shows that her parents have taught her well.

When she reached the Hebolimi Health and Wellness Center, the staff was shocked to see a little girl all alone in the hospital. More so, when people are hesitant to turn up at the hospitals for fear of being isolated, quarantined or hospitalized, this little girl gathered up her guts and walked to the hospital alone.

The picture of Lipavi talking to the doctor is going viral on the net and is being shared constantly. Truly, she has proved to be an angel in the painful times and is spreading smiles everywhere.

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