Water Release from Aakodra and Madri Dams to Quench Udaipur's Thirst

Water Release from Aakodra and Madri Dams to Quench Udaipur's Thirst

Meeting rising demand...

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In a bid to alleviate the growing thirst of Udaipur city amidst rising summer temperatures, authorities have announced plans to release water from the Aakodra and Madri dams. Scheduled for Wednesday, this strategic move aims to replenish the Pichola and Fatehsagar lakes, breathing new life into the city after a dry spell of eight months.

Water Release Details

A total of 100 cubic feet per second of water will be released from the Aakodra and Madri dams, ensuring a steady flow towards the lakes. This infusion of water is anticipated to rejuvenate the lakes and provide much-needed relief to Udaipur's residents during the scorching summer months.

Meeting Rising Demand

With the onset of summer, the demand for drinking water within the city has surged significantly. Presently, Udaipur requires 138 MLD (Million Liters per Day) of drinking water, whereas only approximately 102 MLD is being supplied. 

In light of the impending water release, residents residing near the Sisarma River and the Nandeshwar Tank are urged to exercise caution. It is advised to stay clear of these water bodies during the influx to prevent any potential risks to life or property. Additionally, livestock owners are advised to relocate their animals away from the riverbanks to mitigate any possible harm.

As Udaipur braces itself for the upcoming water release, hopes are high for the lakes to once again brim with vitality, offering a much-needed respite to the city's inhabitants. With proactive measures in place, authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents during this crucial phase of water replenishment. 

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